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ATTENTION!!Please Call us in advance order to place your order for curbside pickup!!!The Store is not yet ready for visitations at the moment!!We temporarily only offer delivery and curbside pick-up services at this time until the store is open for business. Please text or  call us @ 1(929)6771787 to place your order now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 85$ At the Moment we are only accepting Cash.


KOKO Nuggz Ediblles Just In!!

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Limited Time Deals!!!!

This Months Sale we have right now is for the brand!! We have their 8ths on sale right now for $75 an 8th, buy 2 and get 3rd one half off!! Limited time sale!!


Prices for 8ths

Vape Pens

Get your relaxation discreetly and anywhere you would like!


Prerolled for you convenience! Never any shakes or left overs in your spliff!


Give Your lungs a break and still get the medicine you need!