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Introducing Sunny Grams Sun Rocks !! Made with Bubble Hash made with Fresh Live Frozen Flower!!!! The high-potency creation is no joke. It packs a ridiculous amount of THC with an astounding limit of more than 80%.

What makes Sunrock unique should be understood by breaking into the ingredients responsible for its power. Sunrock begins with top-grade cannabis extracts. A top-grade bud of superior taste, smell, and overall quality is mainly selected for maximum purity. The first step towards understanding the quality that comes his product has is establishing this point.

The process then carries on with the injection of pure cannabis liquid. Weed Sun Rocks switch/replace low-quality hash oil, often created through extracting trim and shake, to a top-shelf concentrate cannabis buds from the nugs of the same strain, unlike moonrocks. The resulting extract contains trichomes and tastes stronger per shot than typical hash oil.

This cannabis oil is carefully applied to the Sun Rock buds. The oil goes into every corner, soaking the flower and making the extract clearer. The infusing procedure of thick, opaque hash oil increases the overall THC level, besides intensifying the strain flavors and fragrances.

However, the process does not end there. An additional generous amount of kief coats sun rocks infusing with top shelf buds for taking sun rocks one step higher. Kief is made from resinous trichomes that have a significant amount of cannabinoids. The buds dipped in hash oil are then rolled in bubble hash kief. This is the last and yet powerful layer of upgraded elements that pushes the high THC levels to the limit and, of course, also provides a delicious taste experience than just smoking straight BHO.

When holding a Sunrock in your hands, you will feel its weight and density concerning how much cannabinoid and terpene concentrations are therein. This feels like you are touching some soft piece of thick velvet from heaven.

Using your fingers to run them across the surface, you’ll encounter these trichome rich crystals with the crucial oil makes them appear shiny. The sticky trichomes in only Sun rocks can give them that potency that gets people thinking wildly.

Sun Rocks (Sunny Grams) 3.5

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